Doggie Day Care

Golden Years for Older Dogs

 Golden Years For Older Dogs.   Do you have an older dog? They may have earned the right to nap all day but is that all there is for them? Even dogs with health issues that may limit their activities deserve to enjoy their golden years. Is there any thing that can be done so…

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Day Care Note

Today was your dog’s first day in Day Care! Today your pet enjoyed meeting and playing with new friends.  We mix sessions of vigorous games and outdoor activities alternately with indoor air-conditioned areas for restful activities. Our groups are small and well monitored.  Water is always available and noon time is a rest/nap time for…

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What’s In Your Dog’s Cookie Jar?

      What’s In Your Dog’s Cookie Jar? You can fill your dog’s cookie jar anytime and with any treats, but make sure the cookies or treats have wholesome ingredients that are healthy for your pet. Grocery stores, pet stores and on-line shopping sites tout all sorts of dog treats but none of them…

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Polar Fleece Dog Beds

                  Are you a fan of cozy and comfortable?  We can tell you that polar fleece, the material that is often seen in dog beds, provides one version of cozy and comfy to dogs. Modern synthetic Polar Fleece is an absorbent, soft, springy tactile fabric providing warmth…

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Top Ten Popular Dog Breeds

Top Ten Popular Dog Breeds The top ten  popular dog breeds list is guided by the American Kennel Club’s statistics.  You may love a breed that may or may not be on this top ten list.  Whatever the heritage, your dog is your best friend and will always be the most popular dog in your…

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