Doggie Day Care

Keep Halloween Chocolate Away from Your Dog

October is the time for scary movies, haunted houses, and trick or treaters. Halloween is a fun time for the kids to get as much candy as they can muster, but this does not go for dogs. Chocolate and candy are incredibly harmful to dogs. If consumed, chocolate can potentially be fatal to your furry…

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How To Keep Your Dogs Safe During The Summer

The summer heat can be quite uncomfortable for all of us, pets included. While the summer offers many of us more time to spend with our furry family members, we have to be careful to keep them cool and safe in the extreme heat. 1. Don’t leave your dog in the car. For most of…

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Hall of Fame Toys For Dogs

What Are Hall of Fame Toys? A toy must pass certain criteria to be inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. Is is popular, safe, entertaining and educational? With all their attributes and unusual beginnings, many of the toys on the list are popular with dogs.  We found a week’s worth of fame worthy…

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Dogs Coats Are Amazing

Dogs Coats Are Amazing Dogs coats are amazing because they come in such a variety of color, style, length, texture and volume. These amazing coats help us recognize dog breeds as well as our own dog. They are also the dog’s first layer of protection from the elements and for the environment in which they…

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