Dog Training

Teaching Sit – A Dog Training Basic

Dog Training basics – Teaching Sit Consistently Teaching Sit If you have a new dog or a new puppy chances are you are into dog training basics – teaching sit. Regardless of its prior home or age, optimizing the reliability of the dog sitting when you ask or when you stop walking or when you…

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Is Your Dog Stressed?

Is your dog stressed? Just like people, dogs experience stress in their everyday lives. Just like people, it’s how you handle the stress that makes the difference. Going to the groomers or getting a training lesson are regular rather than foreign routines. Initially these outings can be considered foreign and cause some anxiety so how…

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Daycare Games 2018

The Daycare Games Sponsored by The Dog Gurus As the 2018 Winter Olympics are ending,  the Daycare Games 2918 begin. The Daycare Games is an annual competition of off-leash dog play attendants and pet care centers.  It’s like the Olympics… but with dogs! Evey year our daycare staff tests their skills and procedures used to…

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3 EZ Ways To Help A New Dog Settle In

Settling Into A New Home Congratulations on acquiring a new puppy or adult dog! How do you help a new dog settle in? Laurel Saville, UW-AAB of Rag Tag Dog Training in Vashon, WA has both experience and know how. Here are her 3 E-z ways to help a new dog settle in. “After years…

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The Wind and the Tracking Test

Once the date of a tracking test has been set, it will be held regardless of the weather. This little tale is about the wind and the tracking test. For a dog lover, there’s nothing better than seeing a dog working happily using their instincts and abilities.  Such are the dogs who are trained to…

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