Dog Park

Cool Summer Fun With Dogs

How To Make Summer Cool Dogs wear their fur coats everyday even when trying to have some cool summer fun. When the temp pushes from the 90’s into the triple digit range here’s our answer to having cool summer fun with dogs. Dogs need plenty of fresh clean water every day and especially in the…

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Let’s Go For A Dog Walk!

“Let’s go for a walk!” you say to your dog and what started out as such a good idea turns quickly into a contest that you don’t know how to win. Picture a dog already jumping, barking and circling with such excitement that it’s almost impossible to attach the leash.  Another scenario might be a…

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What’s Up With Dog Park Etiquette?

Encounters of the Best Kind Use Top 10 Etiquette Tips We are now well into the new year so if exploring the ins and outs of taking your dog to a dog park was on your resolution list, these dog park etiquette tips are meant for you. Successful encounters where your dog gets to play…

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