Sugar Land Cat Boarding

If you are looking to get Sugar Land cat boarding, have you heard of Fondren 5-star pet resort? They are uniquely positioned in the southwest of Houston and can provide excellent care. You will find that the amenities our pet hotel offers and the activities that we provide for your cats will certainly keep them satisfied while you are away.

It’s a great option to take when you are going out of town for work or even leaving on vacation. Whenever you stop by our location, you’ll see why. Feel free to take a tour and get a feel for all of the great options. Throughout this article, we are going to highlight some of the features that make our service stand out.

We aim to make the best home for your cat, and through these different options and potential for customization, it is now possible! Of course, if you have any questions after reading, please call to find out more!

Cat playing with toy.

Pets are happy when they engage in an activity.

Benefits Of A Sugar Land Cat Boarding

Remember that your cat has emotions just like you. They are important to owners and deserve care. Whether they get hungry, need to play or just want to lay with you, it matters. That’s why it’s critical that they get this care even when you are away. Making sure that they are actually enjoying themselves during your travels is a big factor to consider. Sometimes they could be stuck in a kennel or trapped in a tiny room for most of the day and they don’t get the same treatment that keeps them in good spirits.

That is not the only benefit though. We’ll discuss the routine in better detail in the following section, but we’d like to mention that they will be receiving stellar treatment and fitness routines that will help them grow and stay healthy throughout their entire stay. This will keep them in good shape while you are gone. It’s simply another way that we are working to provide them the best experience.

What Is The Daily Routine?

To begin the day, they will get their food promptly. They’re scheduled to have around 3 potty breaks a day so this is usually the time that they will get their first. Of course, aside from the food and the bathroom, their schedule is really of their own choosing.

We offer exercise treatments multiple times a day. There are nature walks in the park nearby but we also provide great playtime options that involve all of the staff members. They will get pettings and all of the space and time that they need to sleep or stare out of the window.

Room Types Available

Selecting the room may be the most difficult part of your reservation. this is because of all the great options we have. You may not be able to decide which one is the best for your cat! However, we’re certain that you will come to a conclusion eventually. It just depends on the different amenities you’d like to provide. All cats are going to be different. Some need more maintenance and specific medication, perhaps they are loners and only want to stay in their own private room. The possibilities will be endless, but no matter the case, we have the suites for you!

Single Condo

When you have a single cat and aren’t planning on staying for long, or don’t think that cat would enjoy all of the extra options, this 6×4 foot room will be perfect for them. It is cozy, clean and easy for the cat to lounge and sleep throughout the day.

Duplex, Triplex or Four-plex

There are other cats that prefer to be more active or social. This is when you might consider a larger room such as one of our extended condos. This will consist of options anywhere from double to quadruple the size of a single condo. Sometimes, a little breathing room is all the cat really needs!

Sugar Land Cat Boarding

Our staff offers the utmost pet care!

Window Perch

Whenever you are thinking about what your cat likes to do, sometimes spying out the window is their biggest daily adventure. Many cats get totally immersed in the outside world and sit for hours staring out the window, curiously surveying the land. We have suites with ledges on the windows that are perfect for these types of ponderings. They can spend all the time they like scanning the beautiful scenery!

Kitty Play-Pen

When cats prefer to be more social, they can fit in a playpen better than the other private options. This space will allow for multiple cats to enjoy their exploration together. There are two resting benches shelves for sleep with double entry doors so they can go inside and outside freely.

Plaza Suite

This suite is one of the most luxurious that we offer. It has incredible options for the cat that may even impress humans who are used to a certain level of quality. We offer our feline guests a suite complete with ambient lighting, floor to ceiling walls, and more!

VIP Suite

When it comes to luxury though, our VIP suite takes the cake! Not only does it offer the same amenities that the Plaza suite does, but it adds a toddler bed for the cat to sleep in and also a giant glass sliding door. It will be perfect for those that enjoy window gazing and others who prefer a much higher quality bed. This is one of the most enjoyable experiences that we can offer pets. We’re certain that your cat won’t be disappointed after their stay here at our pet resort!

Yellow cat on bed

Make sure your cat has all of its toys and sleeping arrangements before it reaches the boarding facility!

Contact Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort Now

For more information about our Sugar Land cat boarding options, please give us a call! Our number is (281) 835-4445 and we are happy to help. You can also visit our website to learn more about our cat activities or other pet options. Dog boarding options are similar to those of cats and both can take advantage of our pet grooming services. Fondren is a great place to leave your pet because we make it feel just like home! Remember to bring all of your pet’s favorite toys and bedding so they are extra comfortable during their stay.

Fun Facts about Sugar Land

  • Sugarland Town Center is a luxurious location filled with dozens of restaurants and shops
  • Sugarland is just 20 minutes outside of Houston!
  • This area was once named after the Imperial Sugar company that was founded here.
  • For more information about Sugar Land, click here!