Stafford Cat Boarding

When you’re preparing for a trip, have you ever considered using Stafford Cat Boarding? At Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort, our services for felines are splendid ways to treat your pet when you’re not around. If you are interested in giving them an experience that will keep them satisfied while you are away, this is it. It covers all of the best points of pet care. That will include the cleaning, grooming, playtime and other amazing treats.

Stafford Cat Boarding

State-of-the-art exercise facilities will ensure that they are not always lounging and sleeping all day!

We will be happy to take care of them for extended periods of time as well. All you have to do is give us a call to set up your dates and we’ll be looking forward to meeting the little furry creatures! Our Stafford pet boarding facility is ready to offer our full experience to your cats. Just think of how much they will appreciate this over being stuck inside a kennel all day and night until you get back. Even a pet sitter would fall short to the kind of features that we provide our guests. You have to give our resort a try!

Treat Your Cat While You’re Away

It’s just like a hotel for humans, but we’ve made specific adjustments to accommodate domesticated comrades. The experience s going to be full of amazing options such as exercise and nature walks. The benefits of this will include a more positive mental attitude and a healthy physical fitness for the cat. They will be given dozens of options to explore and challenge themselves.

Once more, we always ensure that they get the utmost attention. Each cat gets an allotted amount of playtime and petting time with the staff. We make sure that they get the love, exercise, and relaxation that a cat needs to live the best possible life. Whether it’s just a few days or a few weeks, they will be lavished during their stay.

Room Sizes We Offer For Stafford Cat Boarding

When you begin the process of reserving your cat’s stay, you will have to select a room. This is going to consist of the different amenities that you’d like your pet to enjoy. The options are very extensive and can support even the most luxurious and high maintenance of cats. We have listed the options for you to explore below:

Single Condo

This is the option that will be the most simple and minimal choice for your cat. It consists of a 6×4 foot room that holds a resting bench and shelf for a bed. This is meant for a single cat and usually for shorter durations.

Stafford Cat Boarding

Our boarding facility will ensure that your cat gets to their suite promptly and with ease.

Duplex, Triplex or Four-plex

There are plenty of cats who may feel restless in smaller rooms. For those that like to roam or perhaps just need some breathing room, you can get the extended condo that can go from double to size to quadruple the size depending on yours/their preference.

Window Perch

If you want to give your cat a view of the outside world and let it sit on the ledge with curious eyes, you can opt for the windowed condo. This is ideal for those cats that like to stare out into the scenery. It can give a lot of comfort and peace of mind to the cat who could be easily amused by its surroundings.

Kitty Play-Pen

Speaking of easily amused cats, there is also an option for play-pen styled condos that can house more than one cat. Those that like to play and chase each other around would love the large space. It also has double entry doors for outside playtime and also two resting benches when they want to wind down.

Plaza Suite

This is where the condos start to increase in quality significantly. We want to provide all of the best services to the cats that really want to enjoy themselves. For those guests, our plaza suite can certainly enthuse. After all, with ambient lighting, floor to ceiling walls, and a pretty view, of course, they like it! Even as a human, you can imagine that one will feel pampered and groomed beyond a shadow of a doubt!

VIP Suite

Now, this option takes the Plaza suite and turns it up a notch. It will have all of the amenities that the previous option offers but with a toddler bed instead of a shelf, and a full view glass sliding door. In addition to all of the other options, this view is far larger than any of the other options. You can be certain that your cat will not want for anything when they are staying in this suite.

Advice & Suggestions

Whenever you are looking to begin your stay at our resort, there are a few details you have to keep track of. First and foremost we request that your pet has the proper vaccinations before entering our premises. They don’t need to be neutered, spayed or temperament tested so there aren’t any worries about that. However, it is important to note that we do not take animals that eat live food. While it is uncommon for cats to display this sort of dieting, we’re simply making the precaution known!

Yellow cat on bed

Use Fondren to provide the care for your pet when you are out of town!

Contact Us Now!

If you are, all you have to do is give us a call to get started. Our number is (281) 835-4445 but you can also visit our website to reserve your spot, too. We will be happy to help you reserve your cat’s suite before for your trip. Just make sure to call in early because the spots are not always vacant.

Regardless, any of the suites that we provide are excellent and can still cultivate a lot of fun and entertainment for your cat. Be sure to check out our pet grooming services and dog boarding options. Since you have gotten to know more about our Stafford cat boarding services, we hope you are interested!


Fun Facts about Stafford

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  • Check out Cullinan Park, it’s a gorgeous stroll!
  • The red neck country club is a great taste of Texas culture
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