Sienna Plantation Cat Boarding

When you are preparing for a trip, have you ever considered using the Sienna Plantation cat boarding service from Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort? If not, you should definitely give our service a try. At Fondren, we are very excited to showcase all of the amazing features we have to offer. There are plenty of amenities that we offer, completely open to customization if you choose it. You can design it to give your cat the best experience!

Sienna Plantation Cat Boarding

Your cat will feel right at home when it stays in one of our suites, we make sure to give our guests the most attentive care.

This is how we show our love and dedication to our furry friends. When you are gone, someone has to give them the same love and affection that you would otherwise they might get sad just like any other person. Giving them the experience to cherish can be far better than forcing them to stay cooped up in a kennel throughout the trip. It’s certainly something to consider when you’re going on long vacations.

More About Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort

We are a family-owned company with a passion for animal care. We believe that they deserve to be given as much of a luxury experience as we offer humans. They can be very unique and complex creatures that have nuances and character traits that are just as personal as our own. This is why it means a lot to give them a home that is truly taking care of their well-being. While owners usually provide this, it is not always the case when they have to leave somewhere. That is why we are proud to offer our pet hotel for those that cannot watch over their pet.

Our company opened in March of 1999 and we’ve not looked back since. Our property sits on a 4-acre lot with dozens of buildings and walks areas all specifically designed for the Pet Resort. Since all of our staff are trained, educated and certified to take care of animals, you can rest assured that your pet will be safe in our hands.

Sienna Plantation Cat Boarding

We are proud to be one of the best pet resorts in Missouri City.

Options For Different Rooms Available

The options that we have available for cat boarding will vary from some of the most economical options to the top of the line suites. They all have unique amenities and are made for specific purposes that could range from a small and quaint place for sleep to an extravagant condo that offers ambient lighting and TV. Either route can provide excellent service for our guests. We’re certain your pet will be pleased.

Single Condo

This option is for cats that like to be on their own or don’t require as much space to stay. It is also one of the most economical options for those clients that are on a budget. It has a single resting bench and also a sleeping shelve for the cat to rest.

Duplex, Tri-plex, Quad-plex Condos

This option is for a larger amount of cats that are within the same family, but it can also be for those that prefer to be in larger spaces naturally. This is essentially a single condo that has been conjoined to take on a larger space. It now offers up to four times the size of a single space.

Window Condo

As many know, cats love to look out the window. Something about the scenery around that keeps their eyes fixed on the world beyond. In order to accommodate this feline favorite, we have a suite that can also offer the window ledges for those cats that love to window gaze. It will also come with all of the amenities that were in the first two condos as well.

Kitty Play Pen

When you have very social cats or just a cat that likes to roam and play around, the playpen is a great choice. it has a double entry door that allows the cats to go back and forth inside and outside. It has two benches for resting and then the shelves for their sleep.

Plaza Suite

This is the second most luxurious suite that we offer our guests. It really does show. These suites come furnished with ambient lighting, floor to ceiling walls and more options like TV. It will offer a style of living that the cats may already be used to, or it can be a treat to your pets that don’t always get this lavish lifestyle.

VIP Suite

When you consider a luxury, the suite that comes to mind first is going to be the VIP option. It is fully-loaded with services and furnishings just like the Plaza suite except it has a few extra benefits. Among these are the toddler bed that the cat has the opportunity to sleep in. The second is the full view sliding door that allows for optimal outside experience.

Yellow cat on bed

We don’t just offer doggy daycare, come and check out our cat boarding options!

Contact Us!

Please feel free to give us a call about Sienna Plantation cat boarding. Our number is (281) 835-4445 but you can also reach us through our website, too. We will be happy to fill you in on all of the different options that you can choose from. This is how we like to show gratitude for the pets that have always given us so much love and kindness in the past.

It provides our clients with a sense of peace and comfort, knowing that their animals are safe and secure in such a hospitable environment as Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort. You should also ask us about our dog boarding and pet grooming options. We look forward to meeting our new guests and giving them a wonderful treatment!


  • Originally apart of Stephen F. Austin’s “Old Three Hundred” Settlement
  • This area is historically known for the work of Jonathan D. Waters and his plantation empire
  • Live Oak trees up to 200 years old still reside here, it serves as a connection to the time when the founders of Texas such as Stephen F. Austin were living in this area.
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