Pearland Cat Boarding Near Me

Finding good Pearland Cat Boarding Near Me can be a challenge. Locating a boarding facility that will house your pet for an extended period of time might not be very difficult. But you need a facility that will actually suit the needs of your cat. Fortunately, Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is just the place for your pet. Our staff is skilled in providing kitty comfort, and your cat will enjoy their stay at our resort.

Pearland Cat Boarding Near Me

Multi-Family Cat Boarding in Pearland

Upscale Boarding Suites

Both our cat boarding and dog boarding facilities are highly personalized to suit the needs of that particular species of pet. In either case, we’ve afforded all of the luxuries of home living to your pet. One way in which we lessen the impact of your family’s absence is with our well-designed accommodations. Even our smaller cat suites can comfortably house multiple same-family pets. If your cats enjoy one another’s company, you are welcome to board them in the same room. In fact, we encourage it, so that they can play and interact even while you’re away. Even if your pets have a love-hate relationship, our roomy suites grant enough space for them to be apart even if they’re together, much like their home.

The single condo is the perfect option for a single cat or kitten. With a resting bench and shelf, your cat has many places to lounge around. If your pet is relavetively low maintenance when it comes to sleeping accomodations, and he or she prefers to stay indoors, our single condo will perfect. For a bit more entertainment, you can also reserve connecting condos. With the option to expand a single to a duplex, triplex, or four-plex, you can house multiple cats. Alternatively, you can reserve the space for your single cat, expanding the space in which they can explore.

We also have window condos that give your cat a view of the great outdoors. If your pet is more adventurous, we also have quite a few options that provide outdoor access. The VIP Suite, for example, features a full-view sliding entry door. Your cat can feel the breeze by traveling out to the fenced and covered outdoor area at his or her leisure.

We also have other condos, suites, and layouts for cat boarding. You can read detailed descriptions of our cat accommodations by clicking here.

Pearland Cat Boarding Near Me

Best Pearland Cat Boarding Near Me

Entertaining Activities

Most cat boarding kennels begin and end their offerings with the physical kennels themselves. However, that’s just the beginning for Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. While your cat will likely find ways to entertain themselves, our staff is more than willing to lend a hand. We offer many different pampering activities for cats, as per your request.

There are many different ways you might go about picking the activities for your cat during their stay:

  • Make your cat feel at home by choosing their favorite activities
  • Treat your cat to a vacation of their own by selecting activities they don’t typically experience
  • Prevent problem behaviors when you return by scheduling plenty of mental stimulation

No matter which route you take, we have many different activities to fulfill your cat’s needs. You can select the activities individually, creating your own combination. Alternatively, you can opt for our tried-and-true Cat Boarding Activity Package. The Package comes with a 15-minute playtime session with staff, as well as a 10-minute cuddle time. This Package gives your cat the best of both worlds. Our other activity offers include:

  • Extra exercise, which you can schedule in 15-minute increments
  • Bedtime belly rub
  • Storytime and Tuck-in


You can reserve a grooming appointment for your cat during their stay at the resort. A common myth is that pets don’t need grooming because they can clean themselves. A spa day for your cat is a great idea, especially if they don’t receive grooming on a regular basis. Our groomers will take exceptional care of your cat’s coat, ears, and nails. Like our activity packages, our grooming services vary, so you can select exactly what your pet needs. For all breeds, ages, and sizes, we offer a range of grooming services. Additionally, you can request one of our spa packages.

Aromatherapy Spa

Going above and beyond the standard grooming offers, our aromatherapy spa combines excellent grooming services with aromatherapy and essential oils to truly relax and revitalize your cat. We offer three different packages. Each includes a calming shampoo, essential oils conditioners, and calming spray. Click here to learn more about our grooming and spa packages.

Pearland Cat Boarding Near Me

Comfy Pearland TX Cat Kennels

Other Reasons To Choose Us For Pearland Cat Boarding Near Me

One of the great things about Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is that we serve more than one type of pet. In fact, we regularly house cats, as well as dogs, birds, small mammals, and even some exotic pets! Our grand facility has enough space to comfortably house different species of pet, and our educated staff provides a personalized experience to each guest. If your family consists of more than cats and humans, you may have found it difficult to secure boarding for everyone. Not anymore! We welcome all types of animals ar our resort, so long as they don’t require live feeding. Our staff is able to properly care for pets of all ages, and we work with the pet parents to ensure we provide the most comforting experience possible.

Your cat deserves more than just a place to stay. With a few adjustments, it’s likely that they could have that same experience at home. But at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, your pet will get to experience a vacation as well.

Make a Reservation Today!

If you have any specific needs or questions about our Pearland Cat Boarding Near Me, give us a call at (281) 835-4445. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and even give you a tour of our resort. When you’re ready to go on your next trip, remember to check our website for our current specials. You can make your reservation by calling or online. Be sure to ask us questions about pet grooming and dog boarding while in touch with our animal hotel.

Pearland TX Fun Facts

  • The city was initially named “Mark Belt.”
  • Pearland was once truly a land filled with pear trees.
  • This is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation.
  • Click here to learn more about Pearland.