Canine Flu Requirements Demand Your Attention

flu shots required here!

What Do You know About Canine Flu?

Many of you have heard about the canine flu, specifically the H3N2 strain of Canine Influenza.  This newest flu is appearing in Texas recently and now in the Houston area. More than 30 states have reported cases of this strain of canine flu.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is proud, along with other neighborhood pet resorts, to have pioneered the efforts in our community since 2005 when the first strain appeared and now for the H3N2.  In order to protect our guests, we are requiring both strains of canine flu as a part of our standard vaccine policy.

What Should You Do?

Braescroft Animal Clinic says “If your dog has not been vaccinated for canine flu, it’s not too late. Almost all the local boarding and grooming facilities are requiring the vaccine now. Both strains of the flu require 2 boosters given 3 weeks apart. Should your unvaccinated dog show symptoms – sneezing, nasal discharge and coughing, fever, decreased appetite and lethargy – please call for an appointment as soon as possible. Vaccinated dogs can be tested AT NO COST TO YOU to confirm or deny the virus. Please be aware that this serious virus is spreading around the country. For those of you traveling with your pets this summer we highly recommend vaccinating your dog in advance.”

Don’t Wait – Vaccinate!

All dogs that have not been vaccinated for canine flu are at risk.  The signs of flu range from non-specific to very serious. A dog that has acquired the flu virus may not even show symptoms. However, all dogs with the contagious virus can spread it to other dogs and can it can lead to pneumonia, serious health complications and even death.

What We Do For Your Pet

By following scheduled daily cleaning procedures with trained staff at our facility, we do all we can to protect guests. We scrub, mop, rinse, clean, disinfect sleeping places, play areas as well as feeding bowls and toys plus pick up all organic waste. However for all unvaccinated dogs and those whose immunity has not yet fully developed, all we can do is hope they are not exposed to the canine flu virus.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort and many veterinarians recommend that the initial vaccine and the required booster (2-4 weeks later) are both administered 10-14 days before bringing your dogs to our facility.You should be aware that  2 weeks AFTER the 2nd dose you can expect immunity. Due to the proximity of the virus, Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort will continue to enforce our vaccine policies and will not allow exceptions for this vaccine.

When it comes to our pet’s health, knowledge is power-so we highly recommend that every pet owner learn more about Canine Influenza and contact your veterinarian if you have any questions.