Best Choices For Pet Care Essentials

Best Choices For Pet Care Essentials


Busy families want to make smart buys and best choices for pet care essentials. We want to help by offering our review of five items essential to pet care. We encourage you to look into these five best choices pet care essentials.



Latigo Leashes Are Worth the Money

Latigo dog leashOur pick for an essential lead is made of Latigo Leather, known for its long-lasting quality and strength. It has stitched and riveted construction. These leather leads are used by professional trainers nationwide. Latigo leather leashes develop a dark patina and suppleness with use.  A utilitarian six-foot leash in a width (from 3/8’ to 1”) that corresponds to the weight of your adult size dog is an essential pet care tool that will last the life of your pet.



 Martingale Collars For Safety

martingale dog collarsA properly fitting Martingale collar tightens when the dog pulls   and loosens when the dog stops, perfect for “escape artists” and breeds with necks larger than their heads. These collars give you greater control and reduce the risk of your dog slipping out and escaping. Available in slip over the head as shown or with a quick-snap buckle for easy on and off. This is our best choice for an essential dog collar.

A Cleansing Shampoo Because Dogs Get Dirty

Bio-Groom shampooHaving a quality shampoo on hand at home is another best choice for pet care essentials. The Bio-Groom company has been our ‘go to’ supplier for over seventeen years. Family owned and Texas made since 1971 they have just the right shampoo for your dog or cat! From the soap-free Fluffy Puppy to the Super White coat brightener, it is essential to have a Bio-Groom shampoo product at your finger tips.

Bio-Groom adds a natural insecticide found in nature to control pesky parasites called Pyrethrin to their mild protein-lanolin Shampoo.  The Bio-Groom Flea and Tick  shampoo is a concentrate (1 bottle makes 5) and is included in our best choices for essential pet care products.


Naturally Great Taste And Nutrition

fromm family pet foodThe right diet is essential for your pet and rest assured, every Fromm recipe comes with a full money-back guarantee.

fromm family pet foodWhile every dog has its own unique individual nutrient needs, metabolism, and preferences, finding the best recipe is often a series of trial and error.  That’s what makes Fromm diets part of our best choices for pet care essentials. In the rare event your pet doesn’t care for a specific recipe, we’ll either swap out your recipe or give you a full cash refund.


Every Dog Deserves An Education                                             dog and owner getting ready to go for a walk

Basic obedience training and good manners for dogs is not a luxury. Instead they are essential for dogs who are now living with us like a family member.  Pet parents need to start at the beginning and build a foundation of socialization,  good manners and proper leash etiquette. Positive reinforcements, cues, lures, targets and markers are terms essential to understand and use in today’s dog training.  Our goal is to help you properly care for, socialize and enjoy your family dog.  That is why training is on our list of best choices for essential pet care. Start training your dog today!