Back to School Means Less Play Time for your Pets

Now that kids are back in school, less playtime for the pets! None of us want our pets to feel neglected, but at the same time, everyday life doesn’t stop. School and work are primary responsibilities of our life and our pets for better or worse, adapt to it. However, what if there was a way for your pet to still enjoy themselves during the day? The best way to keep your furry companion in the best spirits is to consider daycare or single day boarding.


Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort excels at providing the best experience for you and your pet. Dogs have the chance to go into our doggy daycare. Even if your dog is a little shy, we will make sure they are comfortable every step of the way. We temperament test every dog before entering daycare. This helps us gauge the attention your dog will need when at daycare. Unwanted behaviors like digging, barking, and chewing will reduce to a minimum while at daycare because they are too busy playing!

Boarding and Pampering

Day boarding your pet at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is also a great option because of the stress it will take off you and the benefits your pet will have. Our boarding rooms are spacious, climate-controlled, and safe for every pet. For those that don’t play well with others and daycare is not an option, we also have a variety of activities to engage your pet. For example, to help your cat unwind, we have playtime, extra exercise, cuddle time, bedtime belly rub, and storytime.

Cat Boarding and Pampering

Cat Boarding and Pampering at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort

For dog owners, you can be assured your dog will be taken care of to the fullest. We offer a luxury dog hotel which features televisions to simulate home life. Our standard lodging for dogs features a radio to mimic the same experience of home. We also feature regular relief times for your canine along with play areas that are shaded from the sun.

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There are numerous packages to choose from for every animal, even birds, and pocket pets! That is right, Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort will board avian or pocket pets. Regardless of the type of pet you own, Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort will give you and them the best time they can have. You can click here or call (281) 835-4445 to book your reservation today.