Activities That Rock

Activities that rock are worth telling you about because they’re designed to keep pets moving, interested, engaged and happy. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce mental stress, including anxiety and depression.  Add this to the fact that people spending time with a pet has been shown to reduce the pet’s anxiety about new places, new people and new experiences.

Pets arrive to complete a lodging reservation for overnight, a series of days or even an extended time span. Whether it’s for a full vacation or a “Mom’s Day Out” there are many times when a pet needs a place to stay that is away from their home.

You know your pet loves you and they always come out running to greet you when you come back to pick them up. Our understanding of outstanding pet care includes staying busy throughout the day and safe and restful through the night.  Pet parents who have had their dogs scheduled for activity packages or in Doggie Daycare have told us how much happier their dog is when it is active and busy.  Maybe they weren’t convinced when they first came to us but now they truly believe, as we have been telling everyone,  these are activities that rock!

Which activity would your dog like best?

  • Play Times
  • Nature Walks
  • Holiday Parties
  • Day Care Play
  • Dog Park Romps
  • Brushing and preening
  • Cuddle Time
  • Potty Breaks
  • Belly Rubs
  • Story Time

Except in the hottest hours of the summer days, during severe or thunder storms or frigid windy winter weather, there will be dogs outside engaged in an activity.  When we’re not outside we have Activity, Daycare and training rooms that are climate controlled allowing us to shake off bad weather and keep on going. Take a look at this little gallery and see for yourself our activities that rock!  Dogs just want to have fun so be sure your dog has plenty to do next time you’re away.  281-835-4445 is only a phone call away to set up your pet’s activity package at Fondren 5 star Pet Resort!