A Day At The Pet Resort

What Happens During A Day At The Pet Resort?

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My family knows there are times when I would feel better and they would too if I were checked into my favorite Pet Care Center. I just want to show you what a day at the pet resort is really like. Especially if you’ve got a precious pup that may need pet lodging sometime, here’s what happens after check-in:


dog holding a water bowl in its mouth7:30 am I smell breakfast!  The servers are busy preparing special meals, regular meals, pouring kibble in measuring cups, adding treats on top and serving us our food.  I don’t even have to beg at the table!  My personal ID card has a Green tag for servers to know to give me my own food from home.

Would you look at that? My next-door neighbor just got a resort style pill pocket.  His ID card had a red tag, so a manager put his pills from home into treat balls and hand fed him.


On leash walking8:00 am Another set of humans shows up with leashes to take us on nature walks, play-times, daycare and all the resort activities. It’s so much fun! The neutered dogs play in the big play yards with other dogs that passed the daycare evaluation. Everyone is busy doing something and everyone is happy to wait ‘til it’s their turn to play. While they are out, room service comes and straightens and cleans their room – just like a hotel!



dog going potty11:30 am I’m outside on my patio sniffing the wind when I hear my name called inside. The human said it was time for some mobility and yard sniffing. He was right. There were p-mail messages all over that yard, so I quickly tried to answer them all. When I got back, my room was all clean again and the water bowl had fresh water too! Slurp!




fluffy white puppy12:00 pm  I’m taking a nap after my early morning activities and I smelled food again.  Oh look, that youngster two doors down is getting an extra meal now ‘cause it was on his ID card with a green tag. He’s growing so fast right now, he can use the extra groceries! The youngster goes to the dinette to eat so he can eat in peace without his older mate sneaking food from him. And look there’s the medicine manager again with some hot dogs.

1:00 pm The half-day Daycare dogs are all back, and they’re already stretched out and relaxing. The pace has settled down from a stream to a trickle of humans coming by. Sounds like the humans in the lunchroom are emptying their human food dishes now.


dogs playing outside2:00 pm Hey, I hear a party going on with barking and romping! It’s a Daycare party for those neutered dogs that are happy and friendly with other dogs. I heard they have a party once a month where they get scarfs and hats and treats and games. They even have gift bags lined up to take home with them with goodies inside. Hey Mom & Dad, I wanna be a daycare dog!



dogs playing in a wading pool4:00 pm I wake up after a nap and half the dogs are out on the course, I mean doing resort activities and some were coming back from the salon. Boy did they smell good and look clean again.

4:30 pm There’s rustling in the food bins again! Smells like dinner time! Oh, I get my treat after I eat? Okay, bring it on! I’ll get a minimum of five staff visits each day plus up to six more visits with the activity packages and the delicious gourmet treat delivery.  They must think I’m special!



Yorkie getting groomed5:30 pm My next-door neighbor’s belongings are gathered, packed and RTG. He’s one of the dogs who came in with lots of hair and now sports a “style”. He does smell better too!

6:30 pm There’s so much to see today I think I may have missed my late afternoon nap. I realize I miss my family ’cause I love ‘em. But If I can’t be home, I’d rather be here. It’s sort of my second home. I exercise and read the evening p-mail. Now I hear there’s a bed time story and belly rub coming my way.


dog sleeping on a mat

7:30 pm The humans are straightening things, wiping walls and pushing strings on sticks all over the floor. Some lights are already off, so I guess I’ll circle around and stomp on my bed until I find just the right spot. Umph!  Yaaawwwwn.  Let’s do a day at the pet resort again tomorrow. Szzzznooooore!