5 Travel Tips

Tips for Pet Travel

5 Travel Tips For You And Your Pet

The most important of the 5 Travel Tips when booking a vacation for you and planning pet care for your pet is when you should book. Lucky for you our pet care experts at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort know the perfect answer- as soon as possible!

Whatever the reason, book as early as you can! Whether it’s your first time boarding your cat or dog or you’ve done it many times, having these 5 travel tips  will make the whole process easier and more convenient for all parties. Here’s a quick rundown:

Book As Soon As You Need Pet Care

Make your plans and reservations as early as possible to ensure the space you need is available. Throughout the year there are many holidays when demands regularly outpace availability. Make sure your pet has a healthy, happy stay by scheduling daily activities with pet lodging. Space is limited and is on a first come – first served basis.

Schedule Vet Visit & Vaccine Updates

Proof of current vaccinations is required so an exam and prescription renewal should be planned at least two weeks before pet care is needed. Keep copies of pet records and specific care instructions in a waterproof baggie attached to your pet’s carrier or supply tote. This early planning allows time for both expected and unforeseen circumstances.

Organize Pet Supplies

Keeping a supply of both canned and dry pet food plus a gallon of distilled water on hand is a great idea. Dedicate a tote for storing important supplies including food, water, meds, extra collar and leash, chews or treats, bed or blanket and of course a toy. Avoid overfeeding your pet prior to boarding or taking a trip. Pets often become excited when leaving home or riding in a care and can suffer from stomach upsets.

Plan For The Unexpected

If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, you may consider short overnight stays or daycare play prior to the extended stay. This also holds true for pets who have never boarded before. If you suffer from separation anxiety, your pet can sense this, so your being calm helps them feel a sense of comfort. You’re planning to relax and enjoy your holiday. Your pet will relax and enjoy their pet care experience if they follow familiar routines while staying active and happy until you return.

Leave Plenty of Contact Information

If you have given information on everything: your pet’s behavior, previous and current health issues, your cell number, email, emergency contacts, veterinarian’s number plus travel plans (including out of country itinerary and international numbers). Perhaps you will fall into the most known, least used file. Even if there is a need to use your pet or contact information, it will be ready, on hand and useful.

These 5 travel tips aren’t only for your pet’s vacation at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort.  Just picture yourself when an emergency or unexpected event occurs. Your pet will be ready at a moment’s notice and your pet care facility will be ready to welcome you, whatever the need. Call 281-835-4445 to book now!