5 Placements in HPT’s Reader’s Awards for Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort

A big shout out to all our wonderful clients who voted for Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort in Houston Pet Talk Magazine’s 7th annual Henrietta’s Readers Choice Awards. Because you made the choice to be heard, we won a “top dog” award in one category and we placed in four other categories.

For those that may not know, Houston Pet Talk Magazine is a premiere news and event publication directed to the dog loving population of Houston and the surrounding cities. Editor Michelle Mantor has done a fantastic job with this publication and is a best friend to PetTalk logoall pets in Houston for this reason.

Henrietta is a feisty beagle type mascot (created by artist Jim Tweedy) who speaks her mind in each Pet Talk issue and always has an opinion on what’s hot and what’s not.

Henrietta’s Readers Choice Award is an open survey each year from April 1st to May 31st where anyone can cast their vote of approval for any of the many pet services in Houston. From nose to tail, bark to park, Vet to “sit”, and dishes to hurry-up-wishes with your vote separating the best places for pets from all the rest.  All this means huge bragging rights for the winners with the results announced in HPT’s July, 2014 issue.


So dear readers and voters, Awards for Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort for 2014 was as follows:

First Place in the Re”Tail Shop category. It’s true we have so many items and at fair prices too!

Second Place in the Best Grooming Salon for Cats and the Best Dog Park Categories.

Third Place in the Best Grooming Salon for Dogs category

Fourth Place in the Best Doggie Daycare Facility

Be a watch dog throughout this year for the services we provide for you and your pet. When the 8th annual survey rolls around next May, 2015, you can cast your vote and boost us up to the head of the pack. We’re ready to be your TOP DAWG!