5 Pet Tips for the Holidays

5 Pet Tips Geared to Navigate The Holidays

small dog wearing a santa hat

Even when it is the night before needed, these are 5 pet tips are geared to help you navigate the holidays or any day you have last minute pet care needs.

  1. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE FOR LAST MINUTE PET CARE   Did your plans get a last minute remake? Health and weather are famous for upsetting the best of plans. It’s never too late, however, to seek pet care. During peak holiday times you may find less availability so ask to fill any cancellation. Availability and occupancy can change just as quickly as your plan did so ask to be on a wait list.
  2. ATTEND TO OVERDUE REQUIREMENTS  While most pets are  up-to-date on vaccinations, if you find some or all of your pet’s are overdue, accept the situation and go forward.  An outstanding pet care center is keenly aware of the need for current vaccinations  to protect their guests and will offer ways to help you comply.
  3. STAY CALM AND SMILE   Your pet is more in tune with your emotional state than you realize.  Rather than transmitting your stress, be the person your pet thinks you are. Thinking and acting calmly benefits your pet when boarding away from home plus a good humor is appreciated by both pets and people.
  4. NO PLACE LIKE HOME  Pets who are comfortable in their own routine and surroundings may find dealing with guests in their home or spending time away from their home very challenging.  Arrange activities for your pet to include plenty of exercise and human interaction.
  5. BE KIND BUT STAND FIRM  No one knows your dog like you do.  Make it your duty to set a few key rules concerning your pet including which foods are off limits, gates to be kept closed, activities to engage and those to avoid. Inform family, friends, guests and care givers your pet rules.  Being clear, concise and unwavering will earn the respect of both the people and pets you care about.