5 Pet Grooming Questions

Before groom5 Pet Grooming Questions

Among the questions about professional pet grooming, five consistent questions stand out:

  • “From start to finish, how long does it take to groom a pet?”
  • “When can I expect to pick up my pet?”
  • “Why does my pet need to stay in a cage, waiting the entire time?”
  • “What happens during the appointment?”
  • “Which pets really need professional grooming?”

Observations and evaluations

Professional groomers focus on what is best for the pet in their care.  Observations and evaluations about age, sex, breed, temperament, size, shape, weight, coat type, coat condition plus overall physical and mental health are taken into account in order to make decisions about the way they should proceed.  Introducing your pet to a great groomer when they are young sets the stage for grooming success throughout their life.

From Expectations to Excellent Results

Groomers are expected to clean, condition, style, design and trim a pet’s coat so that the dog looks balanced and its best features are highlighted.  After groomThe pet, the client and the groomer are all integral and interacting pieces of the grooming process. No one aspect trumps another. Regular appointments are a win-win for all three.  Experienced groom staff know they must provide a quality service in a limited amount of time for a marketable price. They know they are handling your special pet,  a complex, living being,  with respect and care.

Top 5 Pet Grooming Answers

  • With the exception of an Express Groom (working on only one pet from start to finish) it could take as little as an hour up to all day to complete a groom depending on the dog’s temperament, size, coat condition, style plus other special considerations.
  • Typically small dogs do not require as much time and labor as large dogs. The same is true with a smooth coated dog versus a long or double coated dog. When there is a question about the procedure, time or labor involved, it’s always best to keep the pet’s family informed.
  • Grooming salons often offer walks, treats and access to water throughout the day. Although pets are confined for their health and safety, most dogs enjoy their wait more than their owners.
  • Grooming is a progressive line of procedures, starting with protecting the eyes / wetting the coat / cleansing and conditioning the coat / expressing glands / rinsing / cleaning ears/ brushing teeth / shortening nails / drying with towels or forced air drying / brushing the coat / styling (clipping, carding or scissoring)  plus adding finishes i.e. bows or ribbons, nail polish, talc and cologne.
  • Both dogs and cats can benefit from grooming. Since pets cannot brush their teeth, trim their nails or comb their hair we must choose to do this for them or have it done by someone we trust.

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