Pet Beds – 5 Things To Know

Does every dog need their own pet bed?  Bedding has become a staple for our pets just as personal food and water bowls are necessary and normal items in today’s pet home.  Getting sufficient amounts of healthy, restorative sleep is just as important for our pets as it is for us.  Knowing where to sleep is important too.

5 Benefits When Your Pet Has their Own Bed

  • There is a specified, safe, familiar, secure place for your dog to rest or sleep
  • Floors, furniture and even your own bed are protected from excess hair, pet dander or parasites.
  • The sleeping place is predefined even during travels away from home.
  • Older pets can rest painful or arthritic joints on a cushioned surface.
  • Bedding can be arranged away from traffic areas to avoid tripping over a sleeping dog at night.

Starting Out – The First Bed

People with young puppies or adult dogs that are new to their home often use a bed in a crate and a restricted area for rest or sleep to help with potty training..  Tossing a biscuit on the bedding to get the dog to go to the desired place and saying, “Go to your bed”, is one step toward teaching the dog where to sleep.  Sometimes the first bed is a simple mat or towel which can be easily laundered.  As the puppy matures, a place of his own continues to be an important consideration so he will know where to go when it is time to go to bed.  Except for young puppies or dogs under undue anxiety, most dogs love their own bed and the life of the bed extends into months and years.

Beds For All Shapes and Sizes

How a dog settles down for rest differs for different breeds and sizes of dogs.  Some like to lay with their backs pushed up against something solid while some curl tightly into a ball.  Some circle round and round several times before deciding to settle down.  Some dig or scratch as if they were actually trying to move or shift the stuffing around and rearrange the mass of the bed.  Some like to lay fully stretched out on one side with one hind leg bent so the lower abdomen is exposed.  Some like company and will allow a second pet to share.  Which ever pose or behavior you observe when your dog is asleep or resting should serve as a guide for you when you are selecting a pet bed.  Pet beds come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, fabrics and prices.   You can get a large bed for a small dog , however, some large dogs will need a large or extra large bed, so measurements count.   Look for beds with zippered covers that can be removed to be cleaned or laundered.

Pet Beds

Some large beds allow multiple small dogs to snuggle.

Shop Our Pet Bed Room

Watch for sales on pet bedding and when you do get around to replacing your pet’s bed, remember to recycle the old one to a local shelter or rescue group.  For a limited time this May 2014,  Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is offering 20% off all our pet beds.  There is a great selection of Bolster beds, Cuddlers, Ovals, Mats, Crate Pads, Hooded Beds and Caves. We purchase pet bedding from quality  manufactures such as Alpha-pooch, Nap, Happy Hounds, Furhaven, Van Winkles and Faux Paws.  Our 5 Star Staff is knowledgeable and would be pleased to help you select your pet’s next new bed.