2018 Pet Trends

family going on outing with their dogA Look At 2018 Pet Trends

Supply. Demand. Technology

2018 pet trends are generated by technology, refined by suppliers and purchased by pet owners. We started out looking at an article by Sarah Schmidt writing for market research.com. Some facts we expected and a few were surprising.



yellow and orange placeholder dotSuppliers Are Jumping on the E-Train

The E-Commerce train is picking up speed with more opportunities to buy stuff for pets online. The 2018 trend is that Amazon continues to dominate online pet product purchases. Walmart and other companies are scrambling to make their web address the prominent place to share your pet dollars. Our favorite Box stores are pitching their goods with a new dual convenience offer; order online and pick up at your neighborhood store.

The 2018 pet trends are also  going natural with products and services. Pet food, bedding and toys are being made of natural materials.  When people think of pets as family members they are more inclined to introduce their pets to the same services they use. Upscale holistic spa services for pets such as yoga and Reiki have a niche market. Other services that initially were only for humans (behavioral consulting, photography, personal trainers and insurance) are available for today’s pet.

yellow and orange placeholder dotMarketing Has The Trend Setters

Developers, realtors and interior decorators for single and multi family residences have marketing strategies that include dog-friendly common areas, parks and dog spas. Dog washing stations are designed so you can clean up your dog before mud and dirt are tracked into your home. About the only artificial item in this field of pet trends is artificial grass so the dogs stay clean. Even in custom homes, there is a trend to match pet items with the décor of home so they seamlessly blend in with the flow of the house. Custom-made “navigation barriers” are the trendy alternative to” baby gates “ for controlling pet access to rooms in the home.

yellow and orange placeholder dotTechnology Always Changes Things

Technological advances and devices offer new ways to care for pets but  tend to raise the cost of their medical care. Pricey stem cell therapy and minimally invasive microsurgery are becoming more widely available for pets. There is a push to integrate nutrition, natural medicine, and preventative care to become mainstream in veterinary medicine. Online veterinary prescriptions, digital medical histories and web-based apps for veterinarians that were absent twenty years ago are now every day occurrences.

New tech devices offer novel ways for the daily care of pets at home for busy pet parents. You probably have or have heard of automatic pet feeders, smart pet doors, GPS tracking for pets, pet fit-bit monitoring or web connected, 2-way speaker enhanced, video monitors and treat dispensers.

Resist the urge to cry out to Lassie for help in understanding all the 2018 pet trends. But you can say “‘Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!” Every day there are trending products and new technology that can change your world and that of your pet.